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Spor returns with new album ‘Caligo’

Late comers to the electronic music scene may know him by Feed Me, but bass music monster Jon Gooch has yet another project that has diehard drum-and-bass heads talking: Spor. It’s been a while since we saw activity from the English producer under the alternate alias, but the calling for Spor that recieved worldwide recognition has finally been answered with a new album entitled Caligo. The seventeen-track LP follows a recent trend in electronic music with the pay-what-you-want BitTorrent stylized release in hopes that the music will reach the widest audience possible. Along with the album, fans will find Spor art and other goodies from the artist himself. Spor’s Caligo is a mighty return in a waning drum-and-bass market.

Bundle information & download

01 Empire [Video]
02 Your Murmuring Chasms [Audio]
03 Arms House [Audio]
04 Always Right Never Left [Audio]
05 Empire (featuring James Hadouken!) [Audio]
06 Like Clockwork [Audio]
07 Blueroom [Audio]
08 Strange Heart [Audio]
09 As I Need You (featuring Tasha Baxter) [Audio]
10 Full Colour [Audio]
11 If You Cry [Audio]
12 Our Space [Audio]
13 Coconut [Audio]
14 The Hole Where Your House Was [Audio]
15 Unreleased Material (Caligo Sketchbook Mix) [Audio]
16 Caligo WAVs [Audio]
17 Spor Design + Wallpapers [Art]

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