Spotify cancels Russian launchSpotify

Spotify cancels Russian launch

Since 2014, Spotify has expanded its operation around the globe to countries like Brazil, the Philippines, and most recently, Canada. However, one of the company’s development plans has recently been scrapped. The Swedish streaming service pulled the plug on plans to expand into Russia, citing the country’s political and economic situation, as well as pending legislation about regulating the internet, as the reasons for abandoning their plans.

According to Russian news website Tass, the company had tasked former Google executive Alexander Kubaneishvili with the launch. The company has immediately shut down its office, with a report stating that Kubaneishvili doesn’t work for the streaming service anymore. Probably the largest reason for the shutdown was Russia’s new laws, which intend to force web service providers to store their personal data in local data centers come 2016.

Via: Tass

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