Ultra Music Festival unveils 2015 anthem, Vicetone’s ‘Follow Me’Ultra2014 Day1 40

Ultra Music Festival unveils 2015 anthem, Vicetone’s ‘Follow Me’

The official anthem of Ultra Music Festival is finally here.

Dutch duo Vicetone take on the responsibility of crafting UMF 2015’s defining track with the help of JHart, the LA-based multi-platinum singer/songwriter. The result? “Follow Me” — a damn near perfect, peak time festival track designed with no other stage but Main in mind. Razor sharp pop hooks courtesy of British American JHart paired with Vicetone’s penchant for melodic progressions pair for a highly engaging and catchy anthem that kicks off 2015’s festival season. Expect to hear this one belted out by the denizens of Biscayne Boulevard all three days of Ultra.

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