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Watch This: Behind the scenes of the Skrillex Academy

Amid the pre-Oscar hype, comedy and sketch group Nacho Punch created an alternative version to Best Picture nominee Whiplash, parodying EDM with DJ Wh1PLA$H. With a concurrent storyline to the original film’s narrative, the mock-preview finds an aspiring DJ enrolling in the “Skrillex Academy, one of the top EDM schools in the nation.” The short sketch mirrors Whiplash’s trailer almost identically, except for the fact that jazz has been traded for big room, and snare drums for air horn samples. With wise cracks like, “Don’t worry about the music, just steal samples from other people,” and “I didn’t bring a cake…” it’s a hilarious take on the otherwise laborious undertaking of an aspiring DJ.

Check out the original trailer to Whiplash to see the brilliant parallels.

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