Weekend Rewind: deadmau5 explains his live setup from 2008Deadmau5

Weekend Rewind: deadmau5 explains his live setup from 2008

Joel Zimmerman has always been regarded as a technical genius, but it’s not until watching him explain his gear that one begins to understand the depths of his knowledge. Back in 2008, deadmau5 sat down with Future Music Magazine for an in-depth explanation of his live setup at the time. Utilizing a Xone:4D for his mixer, a Pioneer EFX-1000 for effects, a Lemur Editor and Monome for MIDI control, by 2008, Zimmerman’s setup was already vastly more complex than the average touring electronic musician. With Ableton Live as his performance software, Zimmerman had created a versatile custom template in which he could launch loops and one shots via his Monome while maintaining perfect control over his effects chains and signal output via Live.

While he’s never claimed to be a DJ, you certainly can’t doubt the technical prowess behind Zimmerman’s live setup. Though it has since advanced to include things like Native Instruments’ Maschine and even modular synthesizers, even in 2008 — as evidenced by this video — deadmau5 was devoted to pushing the boundaries of technology and live performance.

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