99 reasons to be excited that Ultra Music Festival is tomorrowUltra2014 Day1 63

99 reasons to be excited that Ultra Music Festival is tomorrow

99 Reasons to be excited that Ultra Music Festival is tomorrow

As if you needed any more reasons to be excited for this year’s UMF, we’ve compiled 99 more to send your pre-festival anxiety through the roof.

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1. Hearing the bass from the WorldWide Stage as you wait in line to get in.

2. Jumping and screaming once all of your friends pass through the gate.

3. Scrambling to see who’s on what stage right when you get in.

4. Discovering an artist you’ve never heard of before early on in the day.

5. Feeling infinite with your friends.

6. Witnessing the Main Stage lights for the first time as they shine in full effect when the sun goes down.

7. Spending hours putting on eye crystals from Michael’s.

8. Getting funky with Chromeo during their live set.

9. Counting how many times Carl Cox yells “Oh Yes!” during his 2-hour set.

10. Getting lost because Bayfront Park is just too big.

11. Running into that one kid you went to high school with.

12. Free water.

13. Securing a spot at the front of the crowd, just in time for the headliner.

14. Noticing who’s from up North because of their pasty white tans.

15. Sweating. Lots and lots of sweating.

16. Making and trading kandi.

17. Spreading PLUR vibes.

18. Shuffling with Oliver Heldens when he drops “Gecko.”

19. Watching the Live Stream via Twitch and soaking in the FOMO.

20. Wanting to leave the Main Stage to get water but not wanting to leave the front row.

21. Releasing your inner animal during Wiwek’s Jungle Terror set.

22. Turning down for what with DJ Snake.

23. Lasers, lights, more lasers.

24. Being covered in confetti rain at the drop.

25. Fireworks at the end of a beautiful night.

26. Getting deep at the Resistance Stage.

27. Realizing that Get Real is comprised of Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke.

28. Jumping into the moshpit during GTA’s set.

29. Thomas Jack chugging a notorious “shoey.”

30. Last minute changes to the outfits you’ve been planning for months.

31. Cooling off at the Oasis and seeing a new act you’ve never heard of.

32. Sitting on your best guy friend’s shoulders waving the flag of your country.

33. Valentino Khan’s mustache.

34. The overwhelming amount of opportunities to meet your new bae.

35. Buying multiple cases of Red Bull to keep you energized.

36. Anxiously waiting to hear what surprises Avicii has in store.

37. Seeing Armin. Twice.

38. Bassnectar’s hair flailing as he head-bangs to his set.

39. The debut of Kygo’s live performance.

40. Krewella, reimagined.

41. Throwing up your trap arms to Brillz, Ookay and Party Favor.

42. Going disco with Goldroom.

43. Getting exotic tan lines due to your lavish bra top or bro tank.

44. Trippin’ out with Seth Troxler.

45. Basking in the sun to Odesza.

46. Heading in to see Axwell^Ingrosso, but secretly wishing Steve would make a guest appearance.

47. Showing off your guns, or accepting your lack thereof.

48. Trying to bust out cool dance moves when Kiesza sings “Hideaway.”

49. Shaking your head at all the bros in tanks.

50. Taking so many epic photos and videos on your phone that you’ve run out of space.

51. Meeting 200,000 people from all over the world.

52. Draining your phone battery within three hours of entering the festival.

53. Instagramming photos of your favorite DJs, hoping that they will ‘like’ your photo.

54. Looking for the film crew in hopes of making it in the official aftermovie.

55. Trying to guess the “Special Guest” at the OWSLA Stage on Sunday (Justin Bieber?).

56. Debating with your friends who was this year’s top up-and-comer.

57. Armin van Buuren’s signature Jesus pose.

58. Soundsystems the size of homes.

59. Hearing that song you’ve heard before and wishing you remembered its name.

60. Dusk till dawn, three days in a row.

61. Losing your dignity and not caring

62. Trying to get the all-too-serious security guards to dance with you.

63. Running from one stage to the next so that you can catch every single act that you’ve penciled into your schedule.

64. Comparing schedules with friends and bragging about why yours is superior.

65. Immersing yourself in the set that defines your Ultra experience.

66. Having a moment (or a few) that reminds you why you love dance music.

67. Your new profile picture at Ultra.

68. Looking back at photos and having zero recollection of what happened, except that you had the time of your life.

69. Having an excuse to live in the moment.

70. Watching the stage dancers instead of paying attention to the music.

71. Hugging a stranger.

72. Teaching the newbies about dance music and how to survive their first festival.

73. Learning about dance music from someone more knowledgeable than you.

74. Putting your new best friend’s number in your phone.

75. Seeing what makes the legends legendary.

76. Having way better stories than your friends who went to Cancun for Spring Break.

77. Praying the entire weekend your Airbnb host doesn’t realize you had 8 instead of 4.

78. Being there for an only at Ultra moment.

79. Somehow finding your lost friends right when you’ve given up on looking.

80. Going from your Sunday afterparty to your Monday morning flight and NGAF.

81. Not knowing where you will end up next at any time.

82. Mastering your time management skills so that you can see both Krewella and Knife Party.

83. When the fire on stage is so hot that you can actually feel the heat.

84. Crying when you hear Porter Robinson play the opening line to “Sad Machine.”

85. Carl Cox in the Megastructure. Not once, but twice.

86. Reminiscing back to Ultra 2011 when Afrojack’s “Take Over Control” was still cool.

87. Jumping and clapping your hands because the DJ said so (or making a point to not in silent protest).

88. The Miami skyline towering over the festival grounds.

89. Playing “Name that flag.”

90. Preparing for that moment when things get ratchet.

91. Pregaming to last year’s trailer.

92. Not crying because it’s over, but smiling because it happened.

93. Pulling an all-nighter from the Sunday after parties right up until your flight on Monday morning.

94. Sitting across the aisle on the plane from someone who was at Ultra too and having a silent nod of approval.

95. The feeling of going through all those photos on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday…

96. Actually going out of your way to hang out with that person you met at Ultra and becoming festival friends.

97. The blisters on the backs of your ankles that serve as proof you had a good time.

98. Framing your Ultra ticket and putting it up on your wall like a piece of artwork.

99. Walking out of the gates on Day 3 and already knowing you’ll be back next year.

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