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Alesso feat. Roy English – Cool (CRNKN Remix)

Alesso‘s progressive anthems are undeniable; from the most mainstream electronic music fans to the main stage’s harshest critics, the established producer’s anthemic progressive tracks are widely regarded as impressive works. The praise doesn’t end with those facing the stage though, as even his fellow artists champion his sound as one of the few commercial progressive warriors still defending the pre-big room house sound. Most recent to take notice is CRNKN, a producer with an impressively wide skill set, producing everything from hard hitting trap to his own take on the Melbourne Bounce movement.

With his most recent take at another artist’s track, CRNKN dishes out a deeper remix of Alesso’s “Cool” that focuses on the more refined aspect of electronic music, narrowly avoiding the growing future house gimmick with an impressive and mature project. Providing a facelift to the track, CRNKN throttles back the ferocious energy of the original mix of “Cool,” yet takes nothing away from the enjoyability of the smooth vocal and the track’s main riff.

Release Date TBA

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Alesso – Cool (feat. Roy English)

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