‘Allocation for Music Producers Act’ hits the HouseUnited States Capitol Dc

‘Allocation for Music Producers Act’ hits the House

Producers, mixers and engineers have more to celebrate as a new bill, the Allocation for Music Producers Act, has been introduced on Capitol Hill that will distribute partial digital royalties to the songs they work on. This new bill arrives less than a month after the re-introduction of the Songwriter Equity Act and the approval of the Local Radio Fairness Act.

The proposed bill “would allow artists to designate a portion of the 45% royalty rate they receive for digital broadcasts of their work to the producer of the work,” while SoundExchange would take over payout duties. Furthermore, producers, mixers and sound engineers whose work was released prior to 1995 are also entitled to royalty benefits. If a producer, mixer or sound engineer’s request for royalties remains unresolved after four months, the requester is eligible to receive 2% of the 45% total upon approval from a collective chosen by the Copyright Royalty Judges. 

According to Rep. Rooney, the AMP Act strives to fairly distribute royalties to “hardworking studio professionals” in a “fair and streamlined manner.”

Via: Billboard

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