ATTLAS brings a stunning 7-track EP to mau5trapATTLAS Siren EP

ATTLAS brings a stunning 7-track EP to mau5trap

The identity of ATTLAS may still be unknown, but the mysterious producer just unearthed his biggest release to date: a 7-track EP on mau5trap. Anonymity aside, ATTLAS’s sound is starting to take shape. Somewhere between the progressive house bliss of deadmau5 and the indie touch of The M Machine, his style is both cinematically pleasing and emotionally aware.

ATTLAS’s new Siren EP spans everything from progressive house, to ambient, to midtempo, and more. The first track “Kayla,” for instance, is a 96 BPM vocal-centric offering, distantly reminiscent of Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine.” Second track “Carmen” ups the tempo to a standard 128 for an arp-laden composition and a clean progressive feel. “Scarlett” wields the kind of electro tenacity we’ve seen deadmau5 himself explore on recent albums, while “April” may be the EP’s most compelling piece yet. With its minimal yet aggressive drop, it bears an almost ‘tech-trance’ feel — not to mention what is easily the most glorious build up of the entire work.

All in all, Siren is nothing short of a momentous debut. There are few better tastemakers in electronic music than deadmau5, and he appears to have struck gold with ATTLAS. From the versatility of his work to the refinement of his production, you’re looking at a budding producer in the early stages of an inspiring career.

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