ATTLAS teases ‘Siren’ EP for mau5trapAttlas Logo

ATTLAS teases ‘Siren’ EP for mau5trap

The story of ATTLAS is about to get a lot more interesting. The enigmatic producer has inspired no shortage of speculation as to both his identity and the direction of his music, but with the news of an official EP on mau5trap, things are about to change.

Ahead of the release of Siren on March 30, ATTLAS has created an ‘overture’ to showcase the breadth of the EP. Boasting everything from downtempo and midtempo work to more progressive house and trance stylings, the EP looks to be one of the more diverse mau5trap outings to date. In the past years, deadmua5’s imprint has famously served as the breaking point for talents such as Skrillex and Feed Me — ATTLAS may yet be the label’s next big break.

Release Date: March 30

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