Audien – Insomnia (feat. Parson James)Nsmni

Audien – Insomnia (feat. Parson James)

Grammy nomination? Check. Record deal? Check. Lead single? Checkmate.

It’s been interesting to follow the maturation of Audien. Fresh out of the gate, he delivered material only of the highest quality. The wheels certainly began turning last year: results coming quick with one of the year’s biggest remixes that went on to be nominated for a Gramophone.

Now as a member of the Astralwerks family, it’s safe to say expectations are high. Audien, however, delivers again, with his lead single dropping as a first impression of his anticipated full body of work.

Production on “Insomnia” is somewhat of a criss-cross; it’s Audien’s most radio-tailored sound thus far, but manages to stay true to what he’s sonically established. Parson James laces the record as the featured vocalist; he does well in introducing his voice, and doesn’t overpower the product.

Fans past and present are likely to give the newest effort a thumbs-up, and what “Insomnia” will achieve is establishing new fans for the future.