Is Camp Bisco returning in 2015?Camp Bisco 2013 Thumbnail

Is Camp Bisco returning in 2015?

The Disco Biscuits launched Camp Bisco in 1999 at the Indian Lookout Country Club. For 13 years, the festival drew the world’s most forward thinking electronic performers to Upstate New York until a slew of arrests and a lawsuit sidelined the festival in 2014. In its place — an hour away from the site of Camp Bisco — The Hudson Project was born. A less than satisfactory substitute for the Camp, the great festival gods smited the replacement. Rains flooded the fledgling festival, attendees were left stranded, the Red Cross was forced to help, and The Hudson Project’s first year became its last.

While there still has been no official announcement from the Camp Bisco team, a new URL,, has emerged with nothing but a title “Camp Bisco 2015” and “Coming Soon! 2015” on a blank white page. Upon further inspection, the web address was registered by Lunar Pursuit LLC, a company founded less than 3 months ago by Kenneth Kays — one of the mind’s behind Gathering of the Vibes.

What does it all mean? Not much at the moment, but diehard Disco Biscuits fans will recognize “Lunar Pursuit” as one of the group’s more popular tracks. Although it’s still speculative at best, it seems that Camp Bisco has a real chance of returning in 2015.

Editor’s Note: The Whois Lookup Registrant has recently been made private and the web address is on auction for $2,500. Still, we remain hopeful that the Camp will return to its home at Indian Lookout Country Club this summer.