The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (feat. Great Good Fine Ok)Chain

The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (feat. Great Good Fine Ok)

Their hit “#Selfie” may have gone viral for its tongue-in-cheek humor and catchy carnival-esque sound, but The Chainsmokers are back to their more melodic roots with their newest original, “Let You Go.” The New York duo told Billboard that they actually began working on the track before “#Selfie,” and that it is a more accurate representation of their sound than the wildly popular hit.

“The funny part is then ‘#Selfie’ blew up right after and everything went nuts and the song got put on hold while all the craziness was happening which was kind of a bummer because we would have loved to release it during all the chaos to let people know that ‘#Selfie’ was our humor but wasn’t our music style,” the duo told Billboard.

Once the hype surrounding “#Selfie” finally calmed down, the two revisited “Let You Go,” updating the sounds and readying the track for release. According to The Chainsmokers, the track captures their love for moving indie vocals and uplifting progressive house. Those familiar with their earlier work will hear the resemblance immediately in the steadily-building melodies and anthemic synths that take over during the climax of the song. The duo dubbed “Let You Go” the “first original song we ever made,” and said that their goal has been “to collaborate with really talented up and coming artists,” such as Great Good Fine Ok: a band they’d discovered and liked and reached out to about doing a collaboration.

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