Watch this: deadmau5 takes IndyCar out on IMSDeadmau5 Indy 649w0srr6ozv9t0fdujesowfgj7npyeicwi9q85vcd6

Watch this: deadmau5 takes IndyCar out on IMS

It’s no secret that deadmau5 is an automobile aficionado. The Toronto artist made quite the spectacle of himself when he unveiled his beloved, Nyan Cat-inspired Purarri that went viral on the internet for its audacious nature. Despite his continual jocular demeanor, deadmau5 does have a true passion for racing. Last year, he visited the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway where he jumped into the driver seat to take on the tight turns in a Honda IndyCar. Deadmau5 seems as excited as a kid in a candy store when asked to pick his car of choice and fans get to see a rare candid side to him.

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