deadmau5 begins work on his own tropical house EP, ‘Weekend at Meowington’s’Deadmau5

deadmau5 begins work on his own tropical house EP, ‘Weekend at Meowington’s’

Often known for criticizing the work of Kygo and the tropical house movement, deadmau5 had a sudden change of heart following Kygo’s debut performance at Ultra Music Festival this past weekend. In the past, the Canadian pot stirrer had called Kygo’s brand of EDM “lobby music” denouncing its integrity and accusing it of something you would hear “in an elevator.” After listening to the Norweigan’s debut performance at his beloved Ultra Music Festival, Joel has retracted his previous statements stating that he thinks he’s “come around on the whole tropical house thing,” and that he’ll be producing his own 5-track tropical house EP  “just in time for summer.”

The EP, tentatively titled Weekend at Meowington’s, marks deadmau5’s first production effort in the fledgling genre that has taken EDM by storm in the last 12 months. Joel described his new sound as a cross between “sunshine and misanthropy” and said he was inspired to create it because “if you can’t beat em, may as well ****ing join em.”

Could a possible Kygo and deadmau5 collaboration be in the future? We wouldn’t say its out of the question.

Deadmau5 has just uploaded this: