Diplo and Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant announce collaborationDiplo Press

Diplo and Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant announce collaboration

Led Zeppelin are without a doubt one of the greatest rock bands of all times; their mark on modern music is unmistakable. But all good things must come to an end, and since their split, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin have each moved on with solo projects over the last 40 years. Former front man Robert Plant’s career is now crossing paths with Diplo, as the pair recently announced a forthcoming studio collaboration.

Following Skrillex‘s work with Robby Krieger and the late Ray Manzarek of The Doors on “Break’n A Sweat,” Diplo is now bridging a huge generational gap, linking up with one of the most influencing rockstars and unmistakable voices of all time. Thus far, a simple Instagram image is the only evidence to show of the collaboration, but with two titans of this stature in the studio together, expect Diplo and Robert Plant’s collaboration to be a little more sophisticated and a little less twerk-tastic.

Collab coming soon

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