Duke Dumont resurrects early hit ‘The Giver’ with full vocal repriseUnnamed

Duke Dumont resurrects early hit ‘The Giver’ with full vocal reprise

British house stalwart turned consecutive UK chart topper Duke Dumont is throwing things back for his next original single. With his debut album for Virgin EMI/Blasé Boys Club on the horizon, his 2012 Turbo Records landmark “The Giver” is to be revisited with a full vocal reprise this June.

In the time since “The Giver” first showed its face, Duke Dumont has come to represent where house music can embrace the radio market without alienating the club floor. Whilst his brand new live show looks to tap further into that universal appeal that sees him now frequenting festivals across the continent, the vocal extension is indicative not only of how far ahead of the curve the Duke was three years ago, but the sort of shelf life quality club records can garner within the modern market.

For the most part, “The Giver” represents a time before vocal house music had fully had its way with the wider industry, but this catchy and coherent extension says everything we already knew about the timeless tune and its welcome second wind.

Release Date: June 21

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