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Elliphant – Never Been In Love (Bixel Boys Edition)


This is the word that the Ian and Rob of the Bixel Boys embody. Between their renowned #FREELIFE campaign to an Internet presence themed by photos of social justice, the LA duo are undoubtedly pursuing an ulterior goal beyond the prototypical musical career. Recently engulfed in a three month studio binge, the Bixel Boys have emerged from their beat cave to present another staggering offering – a remix of Elliphant’s “Never Been In Love.”

Their self-described sound is called big room underground. At first, this coupling of words appears as an oxymoron to most, but if you listen to one of their tracks, you immediately understand the meaning. Opening with a grunge-inspired synth pulse before inviting Elliphant’s vocals into the mix, the Bixel Boys depart from their typical house territory to apply their paradoxical touch to the world of trap. The Boys couple fluttering hi-hats with reverberating pipe blows to present a remix that is another testament to subversive ethos.

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