Flosstradamus preview ‘Prison Riot’ collaboration with GTA and Lil JonFlosstradamus Edits 57

Flosstradamus preview ‘Prison Riot’ collaboration with GTA and Lil Jon

The Flosstradamus brand is riding at an all time high; fresh off a massive headlining tour, the duo have been prepping the world for their next round of original tunes. “Soundclash,” the recent Troyboi collaboration that took the streets by storm, broadcast a new hint of maturity that previously hadn’t been seen in Floss productions as the fine-tuned sound engineering stole the spotlight from the usual violent trap synths.

But throw all that out the window. “Prison Riot” isn’t about maturity. It isn’t about meticulous production work or delicately formed basslines. “Prison Riot,” simply put, is a much needed bass-in-your-face obnoxious Flosstradamus production. The aggressive synth work on the track screams to be from the hands of fellow trap/hard-house producers GTA, while vocal cuts from Lil Jon provide the finishing touches to form a complete electro-trap anthem. Anticipation for this track currently rides at an all time high, and the tune’s creators are well aware; GTA and Flosstradamus have taken every opportunity to tease fans, but have, until now, kept its final form under wraps. While release details are still scarce, Curt and Jush have provided the world with a high quality preview of the production courtesy of their Mixmag Lab LA set. Listen, then listen again, and join the hoard begging Flosstradamus and GTA to release this audacious production.

Release Date TBA

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