GRiZ – The Anthem (feat Mike Avery)Griz The Anthem

GRiZ – The Anthem (feat Mike Avery)

GRiZ isn’t the type of artist to throw huge amounts of content at his fans, and we’ve got no problem with that. From the instrumental work to the brilliant mixing and vocal aspects of his productions, it’s easy to tell that Griz’s projects take more time than your average electronic track to perfect. The usual result, which holds true once again in “The Anthem,” are luxurious tracks that bring the true sound of golden era funk to the EDM landscape. A time machine full of disco balls, platform shoes, and neon accents, “The Anthem” pairs a children’s choir, stunning sax lines and the soulful crooning of Mike Avery to deliver its patented brand of future funk. GRiZ’s forthcoming album, Say It Loud, has been heavily anticipated since hints regarding its release began to spill over last year – and to no one’s surprise, what we’ve heard of the album thus far has been fantastic.

Expect the track to be available when Say It Loud drops this month. Catch GRiZ live during the SAY IT LOUD tour.

Catch GriZ live during the SAY IT LOUD tour.

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