Hardkiss see everything, releases ‘Cameras are Watching’ music videoHardkiss Cameras Are Watching

Hardkiss see everything, releases ‘Cameras are Watching’ music video

Hardkiss got their start in San Francisco back in 1991 as underground rave promoters and DJs. As their popularity grew the trio began to produce their own music and release records under the Hardkiss Music record label. A staple of the West Coast electronic scene, the group’s 1995 compilation Delusions of Grandeur is often acknowledged as a pivotal moment in the US’s adoption of electronic music. 6-years after their inception the trio signed a deal with Columbia Records as one of the original DJ bands in existence. Last year the label relaunched without Scott Hardkiss – who passed away in March of 2013 – to release their new album 1991. The¬†fifth¬†single off their comeback EP, ‘Cameras are Watching’ is tried and true electronica from start to finish. There’s no four-to-the-floor beat here, just an anti-authority anthem and inventive production work that drums up nostalgia for electronic music’s simpler times. Based on the voyeuristic society that we all find ourselves in, the accompanying music video erects a Tower of Babel video sculpture with disembodied eyes and lips, juxtaposing youth with authority, the mind with global data, the clash of cultures with conformity, and technological control with delusions of grandeur.