Henry Fong debuts Banzai Radio show, previews of Milo & Otis’ ‘Trap Arms’Avatars 000127349972 8wrsvq T

Henry Fong debuts Banzai Radio show, previews of Milo & Otis’ ‘Trap Arms’

The Fong dynasty is just beginning, and Banzai Records is the first step towards his laid-back style of impending electronic domination. As a Florida native, Henry Fong has always repped his hometown, and his dedication to the surfing culture serves as the inspiration for his new label. With the debut of the Banzai Radio show, Henry Fong himself stepped up to the mix with an impressive array of unreleased and exciting familiar tracks to boot. The mix serves a dose of high energy electro-house, the same type of music that gave way to Henry Fong’s rise at a young age, with a quick dose of heavier bass-centric tunes.

As the mix proceeds, Fong goes back to his Riot Wednesday-roots and taps close friends Killagraham and Nymz under their Milo & Otis moniker to give a high quality preview of their highly anticipated “Trap Arms.” The track has been long teased by the duo, but fans across the globe can finally grab a serious glimpse of the production in its current form at the 48:50 timestamp. The mix itself deserves a listen, but for nothing else, do it for your favorite pug and cat partners in crime.

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