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iTunes streams The Prodigy’s ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ ahead of release

The Prodigy aren’t in the business of copping-out. Their return at the tail end of 2014 signalled a welcome change in pace for the shuffling masses and saturated big room crop, but a bigger statement was needed past their vocal distaste for the modern dance circle. It lands in the form of The Day Is My Enemy. Having rolled out with four tracks from The Day Is My Enemy, the groups sixth album is now available to stream from start-to-finish ahead of its March 30 release. Armed with their own ideas as to what the modern dance crop is lacking, the album takes things back-to-basics for the act behind some of the UK’s most revered dance anthems. With Flux Pavilion and Sleaford Mods along for collaborative duties, the majority of the album sees Liam Howlett and co. bring music fit for both the stadium and the club floor, all with that signature Prodigy energy and without a trace of those stereotypical EDM gimmicks.

Stream: iTunes 

Release Date: March 30

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