Klingande Feat. Broken Back – RIVA (Restart the Game)Klingande Riva Restart The Game 2015

Klingande Feat. Broken Back – RIVA (Restart the Game)

The tropical house movement has been one of intense interest in the electronic community, but its rise has been typical of emerging sub-genres: pioneers popularize the sound before carbon copies butcher the sond into oblivion. Fortunately, Klingande fits uniquely in a post-copy space: the talented act has taken the sound to new heights, incorporating sounds and instruments that others attempting to make the laid-back style have not taken advantage of. The producer’s most successful release thus far, “Jubel,” gained the producer enough recognition to eventually receive the nod for multiple official remixes and further releases. “RIVA (Restart The Game)” is a relaxed track with enough acoustic guitar and gentle percussion to appeal to listeners of all types of music.

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