Krewella debut new single ‘Somewhere to Run’ at OMNIA Las VegasKrewella Press

Krewella debut new single ‘Somewhere to Run’ at OMNIA Las Vegas

So much of Krewella’s recent timeline has been caught up in drama surrounding their split with Rain Man, that it’s refreshing to present a new single from the duo. Just a mere five days after Rain Man unveiled his first solo track, Yasmine and Jahan have returned with their own new original, “Somewhere to Run.” The single was debuted on Friday night at the sisters’ inaugural performance from Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas where they hold a monthly residency.

While much of their past productions have dabbled in pop-friendly dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, their newest single offers something of a new direction. As one fan on Facebook put it: “it sounds like Daft Punk and Lady Gaga made a track together.” While most dance music purists would shudder at the comparison, the influence on the production is certainly clear and showcases a new side to the sisters. The single is out now on iTunes.


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