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Late Night Alumni – The This This (Panic Bomber Remix)

If you want to feel as though you’re lounging on a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea with a personal DJ onboard, Kaskade‘s remix of Late Night Alumni’s “The This This” does just the trick. If you’re in the mood for a smoky dark room and steamy night, Panic Bomber‘s rendition is far more appropriate. The Brooklyn-based producer builds his version purely for the after-hours basement parties that helped cement his reputation in Miami and followed him to the Big Apple. Panic Bomber deepens and distorts the pitch of the vocals, and places them alongside the originals to create a haunting chorus of two voices: Becky Jean Williams’ airy and feminine soprano entwined with something dark, hungry and far less human.

“I was lucky enough to start this remix without having the original backing music, which turned out to be in a major key, but I had no idea, so pulling it in a dark, moody, silky direction just came naturally,” says Panic Bomber. “This is a decidedly late night treatment to this Late Night Alumni track.”

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