Louis Vivet – Downbeat (Original Mix)Downbeatnew Grey

Louis Vivet – Downbeat (Original Mix)

Nicolas and Aria are two names still fresh to the scene, but ones to watch closely. Known as Louis Vivet, the Los Angeles duo has taken hold of a unique concept of “split personalities” – refusing to identify as one genre, the two have established a motto that embraces influences from all sides of the dance music spectrum. From electro house to deep house and even dashes of heavier dub influences, Louis Vivet is unafraid to color outside of the lines. Their latest is “Downbeat,” a rollercoaster track of melodic lifts, trip step pops, and pounding descents that bursts with energy. Embodying the exact message of their mantra, “Downbeat” demonstrates a vivacity that sets the bar high for what Louis Vivet has in store for the future. The track is set for a March 10th release on Prep School Records, but for now, listen to the exclusive premiere of Louis Vivet’s newest right here.

Release: March 10th


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