Madeon presents his most personal song to date: ‘Home’Madeon Nyse 34

Madeon presents his most personal song to date: ‘Home’

In less than a month, Madeon will release his debut album, Adventure. It’s a body of work we’ve been anticipating for some time now. In fact, every moment in his career has felt like a stepping stone to the LP. From “Icarus” to “Finale” to “The City,” it was always apparent there was a larger narrative at hand. Now, Hugo’s story has received what will likely be the last key to Adventure before its official arrival on March 30: the final track, “Home.”

The story of how “Home” came to be is an interesting one. As it goes, the Frenchman locked himself in the studio for 24-straight hours and, in a moment of “sleep deprivation, creative frustration and isolation,” wrote the song. Aside from its blissful arp and pop-friendly chords, the track notably features Hugo’s own vocals. Touching on questions of self-worth and success, it’s likely his most personal song to date.

Those who’ve pre-ordered Adventure will receive the track tonight at midnight.

Madeon had this to say about “Home:”

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