New MIDI controller can be played like guitar, piano, or drum machineArtiphon

New MIDI controller can be played like guitar, piano, or drum machine

The Artiphon Instrument I is the all-encompassing MIDI controller. The project began as an idea: to create a device capable of adapting to any sound. Now the concept has been realized, and from the looks (and sound) of it, the Instrument 1 could be a powerful addition to any music maker’s arsenal.

To bring the device to consumers at large, Artiphon has launched a recent Kickstarter. In a mere six hours, the project reached its goal of $75,000 in funding. Today — the third day of its campaign — the project now stands at over $200,000 in donations.

The Instrument 1 stands out in the MIDI controller world for its versatility. Framed like a fretboard of a guitar but layered with velocity-sensitive pads, its unique design allows it to emulate everything from a violin, to a ukelele, to a drum machine simply by inverting the way you play it.

Mike Butera, CEO & Founder of Artiphon, said of the idea: “I realized, everyone plays with music. Music is a fundamental human desire. What’s missing is an instrument that can capture the full range of basic gestures, whether it’s tapping along with the drums, or strumming a guitar or sliding along with the orchestra, and that’s what we’ve been building.”

The Instrument is expected to be ready by January 2016, but is available for pre-order now for $349. Head to Artiphon’s Kickstarter to back the project.

Via: FACT Mag

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