New super headphones store and stream music, track activity and monitor sleepHeadphones

New super headphones store and stream music, track activity and monitor sleep

For those who are more fitness-inclined, a good music playlist and an efficient activity-tracking app are musts. While there are plenty of applications that have sought to combine music and fitness, Chinese tech company Huawei has achieved the best of both worlds with its new line of headphones: the TalkBand N1. The headphones allow you to play music without using a phone and also keep track of your steps and your sleeping patterns, thanks to an accelerometer and a 4GB Bluetooth chip that can hold about 1,000 songs (the equivalent of roughly two Marco Carola sets). Because of their Bluetooth capabilities and a tiny built-in microphone, the headphones can sync with the TalkBand application, allowing the user to stream music or make calls from a phone.

“The activity-tracking headphone sector is just at its beginning but the addition of Huawei’s TalkBand N1 to current options such as LG and Jabra’s heart rate monitoring models represents the exciting times that lie ahead,” said Britta O’Boyle, features editor at, in an interview with MailOnline. “Headphones used to just play your favourite track and activity tracking used to come in the form of a pedometer at best, but those days are long gone.”

The headphones are scheduled to go on sale in late September of this year and are expected retail for about $100. What’s more, the IP54-rated waterproof headphones will house a super battery, allowing them to last for about 12 days on standby.

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