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Panama City Beach nightclub disguises itself as a church

A local Panama City Beach church is not quite what it seems, or at least according to law enforcement officials. The Tabernacle, whose exterior resembles a church, is actually known to young partiers who frequent the venue as the Life Center: a Spiritual Community. “Naked paint parties” and “slumber-party Sundays” attracting the “sexiest ladies on the beach” are what really were taking place at the The Tabernacle. Its owners will now have to dish up property taxes and undergo an investigation into their unseemly actions.

The church’s inability to remain incognito could be pointed toward its Amnesia party, which extorted a $20 cover from attendees. The “rapidly growing entertainment company” argues that this fee was simply a donation and no alcohol was served, police chief Drew Whitman is confident “That isn’t a church.”

Sheriff Frank McKeithen explained to local news station  WJHG, “They might not sell alcohol, but that doesn’t mean alcohol’s not there. It’s drug free, it doesn’t mean drugs are not there. A lot of the bars on the beach and a lot of the nightclubs are drug free and don’t serve alcohol to certain people and minors, but it’s there, and when you read and you do your homework and do your background, it’s a club.”

The reputation of the church’s pastor only adds salt to the already-gruesome wound. Markus Bishop, a man in his fifties, was charged several months ago for handing a 16-year-old girl marijuana and making inappropriate sexual advances toward her.

Amnesia’s response? Blatant messaging has been propped on their website defending its events, claiming that they are an opportunity to “interact with each other in a fun safe environment up to 5am.”

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Via: Vice and RawStory

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