Reboot – Dry Wet EPReboot

Reboot – Dry Wet EP

When he released his Dry Wet EP last month, German producer Reboot was vocal about the inspiration behind the album. He had just come out of a dark and complicated personal cycle and had returned to the studio to reconnect with himself and his music. “I was getting back to a very special place, a place that I hadn’t visited in a long time,” he said. Dry Wet is a product of deep soul searching, the musical equivalent of what it feels like to bounce back emotionally after a difficult slump. The sentiment is evident across the EPs three tracks. The title track, “Dry Wet”, is a glowing, ethereal wisp of a tune that moves along in shimmery waves of warm and sunny melody. “Bodycheck” and “Quesque Tu Fuck” are the EP’s punchier, more dance floor oriented tracks – “sex tracks” in Reboot’s words, and designed with the intentions of coaxing listeners to get down and dirty. As a whole, Dry Wet signals the promise of what is hopefully a steady stream of new projects and material. Among his upcoming engagements, the German techno heavyweight will joining his friends and fellow producers Yaya, Fosky, Nitin and Javier Carballo in an all-night techno marathon at Electronique’s Miami Music Week Showcase at the Social Lubricant Lounge on March 25. Inside sources say fans can expect a lot more of the funky, gritty vibe they sampled in Dry Wet.




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