Set Mo – White Dress feat. Deutsch Duke (Original Mix)Set Mo White Dress Feat Deutsch Duke

Set Mo – White Dress feat. Deutsch Duke (Original Mix)

After a week in Ibiza, Australian duo Set Mo headed to London in hopes of writing a song that captured the feel of a never-ending summer. They returned home with a sparkling house track, which they then shared with singer Deutsch Duke. There’s a distinct air of hopefulness in the instrumental, and the vocalist builds on it by crooning passionately about a distant holiday romance. Set Mo and Deutsch Duke are close friends and studio neighbors, and their chemistry and comfortableness with each other is evident throughout the track. Spring has arrived, summer is on its way, and “White Dress” is here to remind you of the infinite possibilities that come with warm weather.

“White Dress” will be out April 10 via etcetc.

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