Skrillex wraps up March with a new round of selectionsSkrille

Skrillex wraps up March with a new round of selections

Sonny Moore’s weekly ‘Skrillex Selects’ provide a window into one of dance music’s most creatively gifted minds. There are few tastemakers in the industry as relevant (or well-regarded) as Skrillex, and thus when Moore champions a track, you can be sure it deserves your full attention.

For the week of 3/20, Sonny’s selections start off in heavy territory, bringing the heat from OWSLA-approved talents Torro Torro, Getter, Wiwek and Snails. Halfway through, things get particularly interesting with Moving Castle’s new single from AObeats, Jai Wolf, and Manila Killa featuring the lovely Mark Johns. Then it’s off to The Nest’s newest, Born Dirty, a hip hop and garage influenced collaboration from Son of Kick and Linden Jay. Finally, Sonny finishes things off with Emoh Instead and 11 Lit3s’ chilled-out remix to George Maple’s “Talk Talk.”


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