Stryke – After The End EPStryke

Stryke – After The End EP

When you’re feeling fierce, nothing hits the spot like dark, percussive big room techno. It’s a sound that Miami-based producer Stryke has perfected, and sound that has come to characterize a Typ3 Records track. The label’s latest release, a three-track EP by the Jamaican native himself, maintains that integrity from start to finish. Titled After The End, Stryke’s EP is a study in contrast: strong grooves and driving beats are off-set by fragile, almost hopeful melodies in the title track. The follow-up, “After The Dub”, plays up the percussion for a darker and more tribal feel. Finally, “After The Acid” takes listeners on a frenetic space-age journey with its urgent staccato rhythms and squealing TB-303 lines. As a whole, the EP is a shining example of Typ3’s unique and textured brand of techno – complex, well-structured and written for the dance floor of a dark room. After The End is out today via Typ3 Records. The label will also host a free WMC showcase party featuring Stryke and other artists today at Haven Lounge on Miami Beach from 5 p.m. – 5 a.m.

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