TomorrowWorld’s DreamVille introduces Easy Tents, Dream Lodges and Cabanas in 201521935

TomorrowWorld’s DreamVille introduces Easy Tents, Dream Lodges and Cabanas in 2015

Camping is not for everyone. As a response to festival attendees’ growing needs, TomorrowWorld is answering our call by not only expanding the site to provide greater space and accommodate more dwellers, but also by providing a wider array of camping options. Aiming to host more than 40,000 campers in 2015, TomorrowWorld’s campground, Dreamville, will introduce Easy Tents, Dream Lodges, and Cabana cabins in an effort to impart convenience and more luxurious alternatives to fans who require a bit more than a tent and a sleeping bag.

Easy Tents, as the name suggests, are a fairly painless option for festival goers who don’t wish to set up their own camping spots. Fans can purchase two or four-person packages to have an Easy Tent already situated in DreamVille, which will contain a TomorrowWorld branded air mattress, sleeping bag, and night light. These are yours to keep.

“Safari style” Dream Lodges are one step above Easy Tents, fully equipped with two beds, a terrace with tables and chairs, a locker, power outlets and extra storage space. Dream Lodge packages will also give you access to the Montagoe Tent, a chilled-out space that offers “catered meals, massages, bars” and a lounging area.

On the higher end are DreamVille Cabanas, stocked with two mattresses and pillows, electricity, interior lighting, a locker, outdoor furniture, 24-hour reception staff and access to the Montagoe Tent.

Most ritzy of all are TomorrowWorld Manors, which begin at a lofty $40,000 for 12 guests. A greeting paired with a glass of champagne is only the the beginning of the laundry list of accommodations that TW Manors ready for your stay. The package includes 24-hour access to reception staff, a private tour bus for sleeping, a private bathroom/shower trailer, a stocked fridge, and a private terrace with a lounge and jacuzzi… talk about a five-star experience.

Click here to learn more about camping options for the 2015 edition of TomorrowWorld.


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