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Tunisian music festival takes place on Star Wars set

Every festival attempts to differentiate itself from its thousands of competitors to create a unique experience that free-spirited ravers can remember forever. The creators of Les Dunes Electroniques Festival, located in the North African country of Tunisia, looked towards its natural environment for inspiration and developed an identity around a childhood favorite of many – Star Wars. Yes, the legendary film saga of George Lucas has been the most recent victim to be influenced by the explosion of EDM.

The North African desert was home to the filming of the first Star Wars and made up the mystical environment of Tatooine. Now, the Tunisian land welcomes ravers from all corners of the Earth to break out their lightsabers to rave like jedis and galactic princesses. The only question left is: which big EDM DJ will be the first to takeover the magical village of Tattoine?

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