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Has the Ultra Resistance stage been revealed?

Months of speculation have lead to this. The announcement of Ultra‘s rebranding of its Underground Story stage into the Resistance stage rocked the world, promising a star-studded lineup, top-notch production, and a refined oasis from the sounds of the mainstage this weekend for Ultra Music Festival’s arrival. How exactly the stage and dancefloor will look, though, has remained a mystery – until now. Arcadia Spectacular, a production company that works with retired military equipment to eventually reshape it into daunting sculptures and stages, has revealed on Facebook that they will be responsible for the construction and design of the stage. All signs point to Ultra’s Resistance stage adopting the “Afterburner” model, a setup that has been used at various festivals including Glastonbury and Rhythm and Vines, the latter of which can be found below.

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Adopting the 360-degree concert model, the stage appears as a force to be reckoned with. Don’t take the above photo as a carbon copy of what is to be seen at the Resistance stage – Ultra is likely to throw their own twist and new branding atop the stage. However, this photo shows what is likely to appear hidden in a corner at Bayfront Park. Further proof is provided through sneak-shots of the stage construction, taken by Instagram user Ultra15Setup, which appears to show the Arcadia Afterburner being built from the ground up.

Select, abstract shots of the stage construction have also been provided by Arcadia via Facebook.

Setup photos: Facebook

Arcadia Spectacular Website

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