Weekend Rewind: Glenn Morrison – Contact (Original Mix)Glenn Morrison Contact

Weekend Rewind: Glenn Morrison – Contact (Original Mix)

Back in 2007, Glenn Morrison brought “Contact” to mau5trap. While the origins of the production have since been contested, the track remains one of the most classic progressive house tracks to date.

The issues surrounding its original producer first arose when fans began drawing comparisons to deadmau5’s work. The parallels are transparent enough, from the song structure to the morphing saw plucks, and deadmau5 himself has since commented on the issue. Responding to a thread on ghost writing, Zimmerman wrote in one forum: “yeah i remember back in 2008 at i literally donated him “no sudden moves” and “contact” because they were too much in the same vein as ‘not exactly’ at the time, so i unloaded the masters to glenn to release for some stupid ass reason ill never fully understand.” Regardless of the true producer of “Contact,” the track is a progressive house staple and one well-worth revisiting.

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