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YouTube announces ‘YouTube for Artists’

Already the world’s biggest source of streaming music, YouTube is taking steps to make their site more artist-friendly. The company just announced ‘YouTube for Artists,’ which provides musicians with the tips, tricks, and data necessary to take their career to the next level.

You have to walk before you run, so YouTube has created content to help artists figure out the basics. By better understanding YouTube’s algorithm, they’ll learn how to intrigue and listen to fans, optimize their profile and presentation, and use YouTube Analytics to determine what content their fans enjoy. By paying attention to this information, musicians can increase fan engagement, which in turn will drive more traffic to their songs.

Once an artist’s career is off the ground, they’ll want to capitalize on their momentum, perhaps by charting and getting radio play. Billboard’s Hot 100 includes YouTube views in its charts; this includes plays on fan videos as well as official content, so artists are encouraged to use Content ID to identify their songs in fan videos and more. Furthermore, YouTube just launched “YouTube 15” and the “YouTube EDM 15,” SiriusXM stations featuring trending tracks from the brightest stars on YouTube.

Once an artist has an established fan base, the forthcoming Music Insights tool will help them plan their next tour by showing where their tracks are most popular. YouTube will also allow artists to annotate their videos to alert fans when show tickets are available, where to buy new merch, etc. Similarly, artists can enable fan funding, wherein viewers can donate money to help their favorite artist pay for their next tour, EP, vinyl pressing, or another project.

More information is available on the YouTube for Artists homepage.

Via: Billboard

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