Zedd teases a possible album release date for ‘True Colors’Zedd 2015

Zedd teases a possible album release date for ‘True Colors’

Suddenly and without much explanation, Zedd unleashed a series of short, cryptic videos on Twitter that led to a bare webpage with nothing but a title “True Colors” and a countdown clock. The six-series videos spell out bits and pieces of different words, finally leading up to the webpage URL: ZeddTrueColors.com.

Many are already speculating that “True Colors” could be the title to his forthcoming album, which he explained only earlier this month that he was “really far advanced” into already. Though in the interview, he originally alluded to needing at least another month or more to polish the album, perhaps Zedd has surpassed even his own expectations and readied his newest project before schedule. According to the website’s clock, fans should be on the look out on Thursday March 19th in the early afternoon for signs of whatever it may be that Zedd anticipates to release.

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