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Angemi imagines Jack U and Hardwell created Oliver Heldens’ ‘Melody’

A few weeks ago, Angemi released a video with a simple question: what would Oliver Heldens‘ “Melody” sound like if the trackwas produced or remixed by some of the world’s most famous artists – namely Jack U and Hardwell? In the same video, Angemi provided the answer: it would sound awesome. While the original video only previewed short snippets of each of these imagined recreations, Angemi was immediately barraged with demands from fans and fellow producers alike to turn these short snippets into full-fledged tracks.

As a result, the young artist has released his Jack U and his own “covers,” you may say, for free. Putting aside the fact that these works are not wholly original in their makeup, Angemi’s production talent very clearly shines through in the recreations of the artists’ sounds, and his impressive composure direction is made evident on the bass-centric portions of the new tracks. The energetic saw synth onslaught on the Angemi version and the clunky snares layered with a horn-based riff in the style of Jack U perfectly capture the energy of the respective artists. If nothing else, these edits are undeniably fun and are more than worth the free download.

Free Download

Free Download

Do these tracks capture the sound of their inspiration? Check out more from Jack U and Hardwell and decide for yourself.

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