Avicii dishes on ‘Stories,’ his experience at Ultra, and moreAvicii

Avicii dishes on ‘Stories,’ his experience at Ultra, and more

After a brief hiatus following severe health complications last year, Avicii triumphantly bounced back in early 2015 with a host of new music in tow. Further Future and Ultra are the most recent examples of Berg’s resiliency, having premiered new music off of his sophomore album, Stories, at both festivals. Again astonishing fans with a plethora of anthemic originals, the anticipation for his second major project is nearly impossible to tame.

On Avicii’s ‘LEVELS – Episode 035,’ he tells all.

The Swede divulges on fun facts such as his musical hero, Eric Prydz, “bromancing with Martin Garrix,” and what he has been up to the last few months – “working in the studio and not having that many shows.” In episode 035, Berg also makes it a point that Sebastian Ingrosso should not be chastised for his New York Times quote:

“I just kind of have to defend Seb and this whole New York Times article thing. I’ve known Seb for a long time…I’ve known Seb before he knew me because I was his fan. I followed his whole career and what they wrote was taken out of context, and I couldn’t believe what a big deal that became. I just want to defend him because it’s just so unreal. So don’t believe whatever you read in the press, it’s all sensationalism.”

Most importantly, Avicii gives hungry fans a taste of what Stories will look like upon its arrival. Citing the album as “one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done” and as “eclectic,” it sounds as though Berg’s forthcoming full-length release will veer to the left of True.

“I’m in LA now; I’m producing everyday, 8 hours a day. (I’m) trying to make this Stories album come together which is so much fun, and it’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but it’s also one of the most fun things I’ve done. It’s very eclectic, it really really has a lot of everything in it and like I said before, I really honestly can’t wait to see what people say about this just because it’s really different than what I’ve done before, but then at the same time it isn’t. Some of the tracks are slower BPM and some of them aren’t even 4/4, but you can still kind of hear my influence throughout the whole track which I think has been interesting throughout this whole project with this album. Kind of whatever genre you can turn to there’s a way of keeping your own sound in that genre, which I guess is making it a little bit different too, making it something else. Like a blues track, and it’d be a blues track with the influences from where I come from which is Eric Prydz, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell. Everything becomes something else.”

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