Awolnation – Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) (Goshfather & Jinco remix) [Free Download]Goshfather Jinco Hollow Moon Remi Artwork

Awolnation – Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) (Goshfather & Jinco remix) [Free Download]

Goshfather & Jinco are coming up in a big way, establishing themselves as genre-free remixers who can put their own spin on anything. The pair have collaborated with the likes of Sasha Grey and Corey Enemy as they continue to garner notable support by industry heavyweights, and each production Goshfather & Jinco release continue to show consistent evolution. Their latest material comes as an official remix to Awolnation’s “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf),” off the band’s recent record Run. This go round the duo link up with Redbull Records to deliver a genuine remix effort that takes the original’s synth-pop appeal and flips it upside down with a beating, uptempo trap treatment. This remix is meant for stage monitors, not headphones, as the two-man ampersand outfit bravely take on “Hollow Moon.”

Free download.

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