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Axwell Λ Ingrosso speak out on the main stream; ‘It’s too big to be a bubble’

Axwell and Ingrosso’s latest iteration is eerily reminiscent of their Swedish House Mafia days. Their two latest releases “Something New” and “Can’t Hold Us Down” are indicative of what the duo are best at; crafting big euphoric Swedish progressive house designed for vapid consumption and commercial success.

The two sat down with the New York Times to discuss their current trajectory at the Apple Store in Soho. It comes as no surprise that the pair are confident and comfortable in the direction that the industry (and their music is heading). “It’s too big to be a bubble;” Ingrosso imparts when asked whether EDM is here to stay and from the duo’s perspective his opinion is validated.

Following a headlining performance at Ultra Music Festival for 80,000 fans, Axwell and Ingrosso’s spring and summer plans to be just as impressive. On April 11th and 18th they’re heading out to Indio for Coachella, and by summer’s end their debut full length album should have already hit the streets. But despite their rampant success, the EDM zeitgeist has undoubtedly begun to shift.

The underground has grown significantly since Swedish House Mafia was headlining Madison Square Garden, slowly filling the void left by the EDM stars who turned their early “underground” buzz into commercial success — it’s wise to remember that back in 2009 even tracks like “Leave the World Behind” were considered “underground” by casual music fans.

Today, the scene has become much more selective in its listening habits but the duo are confident their sound will continue to satisfy fans. “We don’t expect a deep techno purist to appreciate our music, that’s totally understandable,’ Axwell told the Times, but when criticized about “dumbing down” their sound to achieve main stream success it’s Ingrosso who deals the culling blow; “Underground dance music – in the nicest way possible – it’s amateur.”

The retort may ruffle more than just a few feathers but it sits firmly within their production mantra — the duo pride themselves on creating robust, pop-contoured productions — not on their underground street cred.

Read the full interview on the New York Times.

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