The Beach – Thieves (KAASI Remix)The Beach Digi1000

The Beach – Thieves (KAASI Remix)

If you caught wind of KAASI’s remix duties for either Odesza and Blonde over the past 12 months then you’ll know that the London-based talent deals in a distinctly poignant strand of chilled house finesse. Sparing on the originals yet succinct in stamping¬†his tracks strong instrumental work and that breath of easy-going club etiquette, his latest remix for aptly named peers, The Beach,¬†dials things back a notch without so much as tapping the snore factor that sometimes comes with chillwave offerings.

KAASI’s re-rub of ‘Thieves’ cuts straight to a dulcet and easy grooving medium, padding the originals soft top line with an array of dreamy melodic pads and silken grooves. For a genre initially routed in impactful club numbers, the satisfying and slow-paced agenda this promising newcomer has championed sits pretty in the major label environment, offering the same rich textures and emotive edge of The Beach’s original whilst expanding on a collected sound sounding more and more promising by the release.

Release Date: TBC

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