The Beautiful Girls – Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)Danielle Long Way Home

The Beautiful Girls – Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)

The mysterious yet vogue producer, Danielle, slipped her first remix ever onto the radar with a tropical rendition of Freedom Fry’s “Shaky Ground,” and now she dabbles in the melodic pool once again for her follow-up output. Remixing the Australian blues/roots band The Beautiful Girls’ “Long Way Home,” the NY-based newcomer dampens the tropical elements to make room for her groovier indie stylings and place them into the track’s foreground. Danielle again effortlessly instills a Pacific coast mood upon first listen, allowing her spunky xylophone melodies and bubbly guitar licks to flow along the same musical current to hatch another sparkling vignette to her curious artist project.

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