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Busy P speaks on Ed Banger and exclusive Record Store Day releases

Before Tchami and DJ Snake were representing France in the global dance music space, there was Busy P and his Ed Banger crew, who introduced the world to French house music with a commanding presence. Although Busy and his label tend to crank out far less than the Mad Decents and the Dim Maks out there, their reservation and poise is very much based on a quality-over-quantity approach, which clearly shows. Lesser known as Pedro Winter, the Ed Banger label head sat down with Revolt TV to talk a little bit about what has been going on with the Parisian powerhouse, and a few new releases for fans to expect in the near future.

Winter tells fans that they can expect new records from the likes of Sebastian, Cassius, as well as Breakbot, and we have already caught wind of Justice in the studio creating their third album as well. Furthermore, Busy talks a little bit about some new wax fans and collectors can pick up in celebration of Record Store Day, although these new releases were only available in painstakingly limited quantities. Busy P’s soundtrack to Gypsy Life as well as fellow French producer Molecule’s 60°43′ Nord, were made available in commemoration of Record Store Day via Ed Banger Records, although only 500 pressings of each made it to shelves. 

New music from the record label that has been holding down the French house sound since its inception is now underway. Stay tuned for more details.

H/T: Revolt TV

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