Calvin Harris – Outside feat. Ellie Goulding (Anevo Remix) [Free Download]Anevocalvin

Calvin Harris – Outside feat. Ellie Goulding (Anevo Remix) [Free Download]

When Calvin Harris released the acapellas to some of his biggest hits, we knew there would be a wave of remixes shortly thereafter. What we didn’t expect was this smoothly progressive rework from Anevo, whose past productions have gone from electro to chillwave to future house and back again. As he’s done with each consecutive release, the young Swede takes on any genre he sets his mind to with ease and this time we find him tapping into his Swedish roots for some melodic progressive house. Driven by hushed guitar riffs and gentle plucks, Anevo takes Calvin and Ellie’s radio-ready “Outside” and turns it into an even-keeled progressive house stunner.

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