Coachella Weekend 2 sees an increase in arrestsSkrille Coachella Tent

Coachella Weekend 2 sees an increase in arrests

Despite the additional 40 arrests made during weekend two of Coachella in comparison to weekend one, it turns out that this number is not representative of a more boisterous crowd or higher concentrations of contraband. In fact, Sgt. Dan Marshall, spokesman for the Indio Police Department, ties the higher number of arrests with the fact that there were more officers on the festival grounds during weekend two.

Marshall elaborates: “With anything, those first couple of days you have to get your barrings. But by the second weekend, we really hit our stride. All facets of the festival just became more efficient.”

All in all, 226 arrests were made both weekends of the annual soiree, compared to 170 arrests in 2014. On weekend two alone, 53 were linked to illegal substances while another 57 were associated with alcohol violations. While Marshall believes that this small number depicts only about 0.1 percent of festivalgoers, he feels that this number is an accurate reflection of the enforcement that was put into place each Thursday as campers would begin to arrive.

Via: The Sun

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